Why Choose Our Suite of Genius Tools?

Comprehensive Solutions:
From sales to service, buyer interactions to receptionist training, personal development to customized ChatGPT prompts - we’ve got it all covered!

AI-Driven Excellence:
Leverage Artificial Intelligence's power to navigate the complexities of dealership management and customer interactions.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
Ensure every customer interaction is not just a transaction but an exceptional experience that drives loyalty and referrals.

Empowered Team:
Equip your team with the tools, training, and support they need to excel in their roles and contribute positively to the dealership’s success.

Dealer Sparks

*$99/ Month

Real-Time Sales Assistance:
Empower your sales team with instant, AI-driven guidance during internet leads management, phone interactions, and face-to-face negotiations.

Maximize Conversions:
Ensure every lead is nurtured and converted through intelligent, data-driven strategies tailored for each customer interaction.

Sales Sparks:

The Sales Genius

*$99/ Month

Service Sparks:

The Service Genius

Optimized Appointment Setting:
Enhance your BDC and service advisors’ capabilities in setting appointments and driving traffic through intelligent communication strategies.

Boost Your Service Drive Traffic:
Implement strategic upsells via email, phone, and in-person interactions to maximize service revenue and customer satisfaction.

*$99/ Month

Buyer Sparks:

The Buy Center Genius

Strategic Buyer Engagement:
Equip your vehicle buyers with tools to set appointments effectively and drive traffic seamlessly into your dealership. Increasing  Purchases and Customer throughput

Experience: Facilitate smooth vehicle purchases through strategic communication and negotiation via email, phone, and face-to-face interactions.

*$99/ Month

 Recept Sparks:

Receptionist Training

Enhanced Receptionist Performance: Implement targeted training to uplift your receptionist’s skills, ensuring every customer interaction, whether over the phone or in person, is delightful.

Elevate Customer Experience: Ensure every customer is greeted and assisted with utmost
professionalism and warmth, setting a positive tone for their dealership experience.

*$99/ Month

Improve Sparks:
Personal Development
for Peak Performance

Invest in Your Team: Utilize tools designed to enhance personal development, creating not just better employees but better individuals.

Boost Transactions & Interactions: Witness a tangible improvement in transactions and customer interactions as your team evolves with our personal development tool.

*$99/ Month

Advise Sparks:
Customized Prompts
for Optimal Outcomes

Tailored Assistance: Provide your employees with custom-made prompts to input into ChatGPT, ensuring precise and desired outcomes.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency: Ensure every team member utilizing ChatGPT can navigate through interactions effectively and derive optimal solutions.


Psych Sparks:

Explore Dark Psychology

The Fun Trainer: This messenger discusses the dark side of sales.  It is a fun way for your sales department to  get familiar with the tools. 

Dont worry - we have it restrained with ethics and a moral compass. But it will dance along the dark gray line of manipulation and persuasion. 

Access to this messenger is included with any bot subscription

Sparks Dealer
Elevate the Dealership

Tailored Assistance: Provide allemployees with department specific training messengers to help elevate the deelaership as a whole.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency: Ensure every team member has the training they need when they need to use it.  No more hunting for a manager.  Just answers, really fast.

You get all 7 messengers for your entire Dealership staff. (1 rooftop) 

*Prepay for annual and get 2- months free

*$399/ Month

Revolutionize Your Dealership with Our Suite of Genius Tools

In the fast-paced world of automotive sales and services, staying ahead means adopting innovative solutions that enhance your team’s performance and ensure an unparalleled customer experience— introducing our suite of specialized AI tools designed to elevate every aspect of your dealership!


“Transforming our dealership with Ingram Interactive’s suite of tools was our best decision! Our team is empowered, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high!”
– Jorge Clue
“From sales to service, every department in our dealerships has witnessed a remarkable improvement in efficiency and customer interactions, thanks to
Ingram Interactive!”
– Alex Grody
Elevate, Empower, Excel with Ingram Interactive!

Elevate Your Dealership with Ingram Interactive  Where Excellence Meets Innovation!

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